Cookbook for Working Men

Cookbook for Working Men coverMy MIL gave me this cookbook on her first visit to see me. It really has some awesome recipes.. but that’s not the novelty of this wonderful cookbook. It’s that it’s chock full of naked Czech women cooking. If they aren’t cooking, they’re in their naked loveliness doing the most domestic of things (like carrying a pig head through abandoned railroad tracks).

The cookbook is called Kuchařka pro Zaměstnaného Muže. Created in 1990 and it has all the Czech staple recipes and lots of.. um.. women who haven’t shaved.

I didn’t scan the entire cookbook because it is full of recipes and instructions (didn’t think that was as interesting), and in case you were wondering.. yes.. I do cook out of it.

Go ahead and check it out for yourself.. WARNING: CONTAINS NUDITY!!!!

Hi there forum people! Want these pics high res? I can do it… IF.. you leave a comment. 🙂 And maybe I’ll scan the rest of the pics in the book too. Heh.

Click on the images for full size yumminess
Cookbook for Working Men coverCookbook for Working Men 1

Cookbook for Working Men 2Cookbook for Working Men 3

Cookbook for Working Men 4Cookbook for Working Men 5

Cookbook for Working Men 5

Cookbook for Working Men 7

Cookbook for Working Men 8Cookbook for Working Men 9

Cookbook for Working Men 11Cookbook for Working Men 10

Cookbook for Working Men 13Cookbook for Working Men 15

Honey.. I found a hair in my topinky. Any idea how it got there?

Cookbook for Working Men 14Cookbook for Working Men 16


16 thoughts on “Cookbook for Working Men

  1. Glad to know I’m not the only gal who likes to go fishing at the dock without clothes under my jacket. o_O

    haha! Those are great, Sue. Thanks for sharing!

    • Wow, I’m speechless. Will have to show this to the Czechman in my life: he’ll be highly amused but probably not surprised…


  2. Hey! I am just looking for this special cookbook on behalf of some dirty art work i have in mind, but i keep searching for it,but we moved and its impossible. since you mentioned of scanning the rest of the pictures I AM IN! I think this is one of the greatest cookbooks ever not only capturing the basics of czechoslovakian kitchen,… notice the strange connection with sex, in a different way its somehow disgusting, but it gives me that imaginary air of creepy 80s when my parents were raising up. All was hairy n meaty and the pig head? if ju were raised in a village, people there used to eat that, specially the nose part, maybe your husband should explain you what is ZABIJACKA. Anyway if U re in, u would help me if u scan a high res pics of parts connected to meat, bacons and saussages. I think this is a strange porn-connected thing to ask, but will be really helpful since i am loosing my mind searching

    • Yea.. I think it’s time to scan all the images in high-res. You’re right though.. this is brilliant stuff. I mean the chicks are beyond hairy. My favoruite has to be the meat grinder one. I’ll scan them in hopefully this week.

  3. My best friend sent me this. She didn’t warn me though and I was at work. She seems to know what I like. Finding a hairy bush these days is nearly impossible. Thanks for sharing. This is both artistic and sexy. Even my beloved wife started shaving out of peer pressure from the girls she exercises with in her aerobics class. Shaving is such a turn off. Get us some higher resolution scans. 😉

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