Baking Czech 101

kolache.jpgSo my hubby is craving rohliky which is a type of crescent bread. You drink it with milk and that’s your breakfast. We don’t live close to the Czech store or a Czech restaurant so we can’t go and buy the stuff.. I have to make it. I’ve never made it before and my first attempt was 2 days ago. It was basically a disaster. This recipe calls for fresh yeast and I’ve been unable to find it.

First things first, no one in Czech really makes rohlik so no one has a recipe. It’s cheaper and easier to buy it rather than make it yourself. I found the recipe, made it with active dry yeast, and fouled it up. It was too crunchy, but the taste wasn’t half bad. My next attempt is when I find this paste yeast.. which Whole Foods didn’t even have (bastards).

Next up was kolache, which I really enjoyed while on my visit to Czech. It’s pastry with a fruit filling and sometimes dusted with sugar. Every morning I’d walk to the little bakery, buy my kolache before anyone else (they sold out by 10am) and then walk back to the apartment and have it with my cup of coffee… aaaaahhh..

I use this recipe and it ended up tasting really good and pretty close to the real thing. Instead of apricots I used prunes.


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