WARNING: Cursing in Czech

I won’t be participating in Photo Hunters this week because I’m drawing a blank on the “Five” theme and I want to publish this post and some may be offended.
Speaking of offensive.. let me post a warning.. WARNING: The following content will have very dirty words. I get my information from my husband and my own experience with Czechs, please feel free to add your own words or challenge any of these.

The dirtiest word in Czech is “kurva” it means fuck and/or whore. If you call a girl a kurva then you’re calling her a whore. However, you can just shout out the word and it means something entirely different. Many of these words have duel personalities. I think American cursing does too?
The next to dirtiest word is “piča” which is the derogatory term for a woman’s “parts” also dueled with calling someone a dumbass. Let’s not forget about the guy’s organ derogatory term “kokot” and “čurák” also used to call someone a dumbass.
I really like “děvka” it means slut. Equally wonderful is “do pice” which means “aww fuck” I use that one a lot.
“Zkurvysyn” means motherfucker.

There’s a lot of little words like “debil” (idiot) but I didn’t know if I should mention those or not. I thought I would go ahead and get this posting published since so many people have found this blog due to the search terms “cursing in Czech”.


22 thoughts on “WARNING: Cursing in Czech

  1. I find the etymologies and cognates of cuss words rather interesting…

    Multiple-personalities words are also present in my language too 🙂

    Debil’s classical meaning in Romanian was puny/fragile (like in Spanish from Latin) but now it’s mainly used pejoratively as idiot / stupid. Oh, and it also means mentally ill.

    Also, Czech Kurva and piča are cognates with Romanian curvă and pizdă.

  2. I was talking to a priest friend who parents were also Czech, his and my parents have long been gone, but we learned what we thought was cuss words from them and don’t know what it means, the spelling is right but I will write it like it sounds Suck ra minski Do you have any idea what this is?

    • sakramentsky is not “son of a bitch.” It is rather mild expression for “damn” or “shit” (adverd) sakramentský/sakramentská/sakramentské would be for adjective.

  3. Suck ra ninski = “sakramentsky”, something similar to French “sacre bleu” or Latin sacramentum, or “sacrament” – I guess.

    Naughty post, for sure… 🙂
    But where is “Do prdele”, “Hajzl”, “Svine”, “Svinak”, “Hovado”, “Stetka”, “Krava” a tak dale?

    • “Svině” translates as “swine” but we use this for someone who is really mean or has done something evil.
      “Hovado” literally means “horse-fly” but it’s used for calling someone a “brute.”
      “Štětka” literally means “brush” or “hooker.”
      “Kráva” means “cow” but it’s considered a great insult when you call a women “kráva” because it expresses stupidity and vainglory or that person.

  4. What about Kreten “cretin”.
    “píča”is pussy
    “Zmrd” is fucker
    “Kunda” is cunt
    “svině” or “mrcha” is bitch
    “děvka” or “šlapka” is whore
    “Magor” freak
    “Hajzl” hell or bastard

  5. Writing this phonetically, my Czech grandmother used to say “kobeela yedna” referring to a certain family member. My mother told me it meant son of a male horse. I figured Czechs say “son of a stallion” instead of “son of a bitch” but maybe I was wrong.

    • “Kobyla” is a female horse and it’s not really a swear word and “jedna” is a feminine form of “one.” “Son of a bitch” is “zkurvysyn.”

    • Kobyla “kobeela” means in czech a mare. Jedna (yedna) it’s hard to translate, it means like “some/one”. I think that the whole phrase could be used to name a female person who is tall and clumsy (often socially).

  6. This reminds me of my time at college where I met people from all around India (different languages) and I would always learn cuss or dirty words first 🙂

  7. BTW Thanks, I could not learn any dirty words from my friend , but the other ways I tease my czech friend is first – “Ahoj” .. You guys are all pirates. Second – They are taller than Asians , You guys are country of giants and Hagrid 🙂

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