The Varsity is disgusting


My husband is currently working right next door to The Varsity in downtown Atlanta and I told him that he has GOT to check out the restaurant because I heard it was fantastic (many friends tell me they often crave something from there). It’s a staple among the downtown Atlanta experience. He was psyched. Yea. He’ll go!

So he went. And he said it was the most disgusting food he has ever tasted. He said the hamburger was so greasy it had no taste, there was only 6 onion rings and WTF is up with that? and the hotdog looked like a pencil. He said everything was as flat as thought it got ran over by a Hummer.

He said he was so disappointed. The food is overrated and why was it so crowded? Do these people not know the food tastes like shit? I explained that maybe it was a comfort thing, a memorable experience for them. This just causes him to shake his head and simply say, “Americans.”


2 thoughts on “The Varsity is disgusting

  1. The Varsity has good food, for what it is. It’s not gourmet of course, but if I wanted gourmet food I wouldn’t go to the Varsity anyway. I don’t care that the hot dogs are small, you can eat one and not feel full, that’s why most people get two. Their cole slaw is the best, and the fries are great. They are better than Northern style hot dogs where people pile them with nasty stuff like sauerkraut, tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, etc.

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