The Inventory

I said before how this new year feels so differently than previous ones. This one feels so hopeful. Maybe because our Peanut is a toddler and I can see that the future left up to her will be a great one. That’s why I decided to take an inventory of my life. Just some random things to give me insight as to what I have to work with.

– One husband and one daughter
– One dog, Mickie and one cat, Louka
– One house, currently being worked on and still paying for
– One pair of really good fitting jeans and six other pairs jeans for when I’m having “fat days”
– Two books on how to learn Czech (Days spent on learning Czech – 0)
– One novel that I’m working on (er.. I meant have worked on or will work on soon)
– Dozens of books and reading two at the moment (Fiery Cross and the Tao of Pooh)
– One healthy obsession with the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon
– Seven record albums including the original 1982 Mousercise and Cocktail
– Roughly 50 CDs my friend Michael burned for me as a Christmas present, he gave me the gift of a lifelong soundtrack
– The entire collection of The Sandman and many other books by Neil Gaiman
– One very old and battered pillow once owned by my brother

Wow, I almost sound like a bag lady (with the exception that most bag ladies don’t have traveling companions). Although to be honest, if life ever came to that I believe I could fit my life into one grocery cart. My house flooded in 1994 and my family lost everything. After that, I realized not to put too much worth into items.


One thought on “The Inventory

  1. I wish I could my most important material things into just a grocery cart. But as long as I have my hubby and two wiggle butts, I will be fine! 🙂

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