To live in NYC

I’ve never been to New York City, but hubby and I have talked about going there for one Christmas. Until then, I have a lot to look at thanks to all these photographers. There’s also Overheard in New York and Gothamist and Metroblogging NYC.
My father loved New York City. He said it was his most favourite place in the world. He was there during the late 50’s on a soon-to-be closed Air Force base on Long Island. I’d like to go so I can call it my most favourite place in the world.


3 thoughts on “To live in NYC

  1. You haven’t been yet? Just go, just for a weekend at least! I need to go again – I got strep throat the last time and it really cut my time there in half. And I really want Manny to experience it. I’m trying to expose him to the East Coast as much as possible before we get old and retire in NM. 😛

  2. I was in a “NYC gallery” class in college. Basically, you prepare and make payments throughout the course. Then at the end you go to NY for 4 full days, visit all the museums and galleries, then finally turn in a journal about your experience – and then of course, get your “A.” It was fantastic. I only enjoyed 2 days of it though. Poo on strep throat!!!

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