New Years Resolution

Yes, it’s true. I make a resolution every year. Sometimes I keep to it, and others I don’t. This year I will. I made a long list of things we (hubby and I) need to do this year, come hell or high water. This year feels different already… I don’t know what it is. It feels more alive, more promising. My list is pretty long and silly (paint playground, find European store that carries krupice)
So instead of posting my new years resolution. I’ll post Peanut’s.
– Learn how to use the potty instead of t’ing on the turtle
– Be nicer to Mickie, quit sticking finger in his ear. Kiss his nose more often
– Stop throwing toys.. especially at people.
– Learn new words… use daily.
– Play more. Less TV.
– Learn when to stop spinning around so I quit tripping over Mickie or running into walls.
– Keep up my Czech
– Point to my nose when Mommy or Daddy asks
– Play in more mud

I feel like I should make some sort of inspirational comment about children right about now, but naaaaah. Happy New Year!

One thought on “New Years Resolution

  1. Happy New Year!!!

    I hope Peanut stops running into walls too. As cute and funny as it is, she’s gotta be losing brain cells. LOL!

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