Learn to speak Czech

Here’s a few resources on where you can learn to speak Czech online for free:

Little Czech Primer – A website with pictures and words. A good way to learn vocabulary.

Local Lingo (Czech language) – More vocabulary, grammar basics, tests, and exercises.

A pocket guide to Czech for travelers – Just what it says 🙂

Bohemica – Czech exercises – This is their old version of their Czech language guide. They’re working on the new version now. This is probably the best resource for learning Czech.

Getting stuck learning Czech? Learn How to Speak Any Language!

Keep in mind that dialects differ through-out the country. Hodně těstí!

3 thoughts on “Learn to speak Czech

  1. Haha…My husband & I will stay at czech – pisek for two years. Just wanna know if major local people can understand & speak English.

  2. Hi,

    I’m Czech and a language teacher and I thought I would give you one more good resource you could post for free places to learn czech. A little while ago I started a website http://learntospeakczech.org , it has free exercises I made and links to a lot of good videos and some of my favorite language books.

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