5 Lessons That The Nightmare Before Christmas Taught My Children

Nightmare Before ChristmasI’ve been a fan of Nightmare Before Christmas since it’s first release. I had to hold off on showing it to my kids who are 8 and 3.. because they fear easily and I don’t want those long nightmare nights with them. They deserve peaceful slumber.

We initially got the CD for the music first and listened to it for a few days, which is then when I told them it’s a movie too. EXCITEMENT! They wanted to see it! NOW! So we watched it, they sang along.. I sang along.. and in watching it with them.. I realized the lessons that come from it. Lessons I never saw before when I wasn’t a mom.

1) Exceeding at something can get boring eventually. You have to change up your talents from time to time. You can be the best at one thing… but when you can’t push yourself further then it’s time to change it up and find inspiration from some place else.

2) The one closest to you may sometimes be a nay-sayer. Hear them out. However.. nothing gets done if you don’t try, and your real friends will stick by you no matter what. They’ll be there when you get shot out of the sky and will rejoice when you return…. even if you didn’t listen to their advice.

3) Mistakes are proof that you’re trying. You’ll never know your capability until you push yourself to the limits. Test your dreams even if they fail. You tried.

4) Be a leader. But most of all be an encouraging leader when people are executing ideas. They’re dreams are just as important as your own. In the movie.. the citizens of Halloweentown are supportive of Jack’s bold Christmas idea and executing his plan they add their own style to each of their tasks. Rather than Jack tossing out their ideas.. he helps them improve on it, therefore he improves his own inspiration.

5) When you have a dream, make it a group effort. There’s some dreams or goals you have that can only be achieved individually, but most are a group effort. Want to learn a new talent? You need a coach or mentor. Want to finish education? You’ll need teachers and a study group. Bring people into your goals and dreams and this will help you not only maintain motivation but also reach your goal faster.


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