Happy 6th Birthday Peanut!

Happy Birthday Peanut! Today you are 6 years old! What a big girl you are. 🙂

6 is the number of notebooks you have. You feel that none should be empty so each one has your creativity in them.

You have 6 courses in school, and you’re doing so well in each of them. The teachers love you, the children love you, but you need improvement in listening. We’ll work on that together. It wouldn’t hurt Mommy either.

You have 6 big girl cups that are the colour of the rainbow. But yellow is your favourite. EVERYONE knows this. Even strangers. You tell everyone that yellow is the best colour in the world. I think you’re my most favourite colour. 🙂

Daddy is usually out of town 6 days a week. We miss him very much. He’s such a wonderful Daddy. And I hope you can see that me and him love each other very much, and we love you too.

Oliver has 6 pacifiers that you help find everyday. We keep losing them.. or maybe HE keeps losing them. Either way. You make him laugh. He loves his sissy very much, and I couldn’t ask for better children. You are both very happy kids and everyone compliments you two. I always say, “Thank you. I know they are truly special.”

You really love candy! You’re only allowed 6 sweets a day. 6 cookies, 6 peppermints, or 6 of something small. It is not a food group. 🙂 And no.. it’s not medicine either.

It’s hard to believe that you’re six. And yes, you are on another hand when you count your age. Mommy will be sad when you no longer have fingers to count but you move onto toes. I will love you til the end of time. You are our precious daughter, my sparkly – glitter girl, and you are truly a gift to us. I am so lucky to be your Mommy.

I love you.


2 thoughts on “Happy 6th Birthday Peanut!

  1. HI Sue!!! IT’s great to see that you are still blogging. I can’t believe your little girl is 6 years old! When I met you she was only 3! Happy B-day!

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