Czech robber vs hand grenade

So a robber walks into a bank, he has a hand grenade as a weapon (guns are hard to come by in Czech) – the police are called and there’s a standoff.

But it’s not like an American standoff. No. These police charge into the building and the robber drops the hand grenade. The smart thinking cops throw the robber on top of the grenade to shield and protect everyone… and the crazy thing is. It worked. Although 6 were injured and 1 was a police officer who was gravely injured. The toll could have been higher if it wasn’t for the quick thinking cops.

Which is irony in itself because according to my husband – Czech cops are the butt of many jokes and disrespect. Not sure why.. maybe they don’t see enough action to be tough?

Either way.. all of this happened in my hubby’s hometown of Krnov. I hope the EMTs knew what to do because nothing of this caliber ever happens. It’s kind of a sleepy town. My mother-in-law says there’s TV cameras everywhere and there’s a big buzz in the city. Exciting!

Here’s a pretty vague article about it.. the one in Czech is better, but you can’t read Czech. Don’t worry. Neither can I.


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