Happy 5th Birthday Peanut!

It’s that time of year again that our precious daughter turns another year in age. My little 5 yr old.. this is for you:

Precious child of mine.. today you are 5:

5 is the number of fingers you have on one hand, and 5 is the number of fingers your little brother has and pretty soon… you’ll be able to hold them. Few more weeks Peanut and you’ll be a big sister.
5 is number of dresses you own, but you refuse to wear them. You prefer skirts with shorts underneath.
5 is the number of books I read to you every night, but sometimes its 3 if Mommy is sleepy. Sorry.
5 minutes: That’s how long it takes you to tell me what you want after you yell out “MOMMY!”
No you can’t stay awake for 5 more minutes. It’s way past your bedtime.
5 is the age you begin Kindergarten. Mommy is having a hard time with this. You’re getting so big and I want to protect you forever. I can only hope that your Daddy and I have given you the tools and the strength to overcome any obstacles.
5pm is when we have dinner. And no we can’t have ice cream again for dinner. Daddy should’ve never taught you that.
You have 5 Play-dough canisters to play with, and please stop putting it on the dog. And the cat.
Babi gave you 5 bags of peanut butter puffy thingies.. you had 2. Daddy had 3. Bad Daddy.
If Grandma was here I’d ask her for a number 5. I’m sorry we are without her. I miss her too.

I love you my darling, and Daddy loves to you. The dog and cat love you, they sleep with you every night, do you feel them?
I’m proud of you. So very proud.

Love, Mommy


2 thoughts on “Happy 5th Birthday Peanut!

  1. Hi!! This was an amazing post!! i love how you do this for all her bdays! which elem school is she going to next yr? my lil sis is also entering kindergarten in the fall! Also, i didnt know you were having another baby!! CONGRATS! please let me know if you need a babysitter! im around! 🙂
    – Panee

  2. Sorry I missed this post before. I’m slowly catching up on my feeds.

    I love this! Peanut is lucky to have such a sweet mommy. 🙂 Just as much as you are lucky to have such a bright and beautiful little girl. :)))

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