No More Procrastinating

I have finally decided to get very serious about learning Czech. I had toyed with the idea for years, and sure I’ve picked up the language along the way. But I’ve gotten away with learning it and passed it off at how hard it was.
A friend of mine is learning Russian because they’re about to adopt a little Russian girl. She’s immersed herself in the language and I know (she’s very persistent) that she’ll pick it up in no time.

10 years have gone by and all I have to show for it is a few cuss words and some basic words that I shared with our daughter.

No more procrastinating. It’s on.


2 thoughts on “No More Procrastinating

  1. good luck learning Czech. I am a first generation Czech american, and I never got the hang of it. And that is despite the fact that my father was a linguist who taught U.S. ambassadors how to speak Czech, Polish, Russian, and a host of other languages.

    Anyways, I stumbled on to some of your old blogs. The one about czech curseowrds brought back some serious memories. I still remember my father yelling at other drivers in Czech. The first czech words I learned were “Zasrany Hajzl!!!!!!”

    Also, my wife and I have a son named Nikolas, who we also call Peanut.

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