Stin Katedral Translation Into Shade Of A Tower

My husband is the greatest in the world. We were watching Petr Muk sing Karel Svoboda’s Stin Katedral and I told him again how much I love this song. He introduced this song to me when we first began dating. The melody is dream-like, you can tell that he guy is just daydream, and immediately I had Hubby translate the lyrics for me.

Of course sung in it’s original language is beautiful, and yea, I can sing it word for word. I listened to it all these years, it was on the CD I made for our daughter when she was born, and now I play it when I need comforting.

Taking all of this to heart, my husband went to his music room, composed it, translated it in English.. and sang it. For me. For us. And now I’m letting you hear it. I’m very proud and very much in love.

The video of Petr Muk recently singing Stin Katedral. Watch this first before you hear Hubby’s version. For those who know me and my husband, Petr Muk and him kind of resemble huh? 🙂

Now.. go hear my husbands:

Martin – Shade of A Tower


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