So.. Yea.. How ‘Bout that Jackson..

Michael Jackson Statue in PragueUnless you’ve been under a rock (or Antarctica) you know by now that Michael Jackson died yesterday.

Shockingly, it upset my husband a great deal. He may be an adult now, but there’s still a hopeful starry-eyed Communist boy living in him that looked up to the King of Pop as the epitome of America. (To him) Jackson was everything that was wonderful about USA. Extravegence, glamour, music, and dreams.

My husband was in Prague for Michael’s HIStory tour in 1996. He was in a crowd of 120,000 people. He said he couldn’t see him, but he could hear him and feel the energy of the crowd. He said it was unforgettable.

Regardless of how you feel about Jackson’s legal problems, strange behavior, or eccentricities. His music was landmarking and legendary, therefore his creative divinity is to be honoured.

The picture is a 35-foot statue that Jackson had erected before his HIStory tour.


One thought on “So.. Yea.. How ‘Bout that Jackson..

  1. I was surprised at how sad I was to hear of MJ’s death. I realized how many good memories I had listening to his music and watching his videos. He will remain a legend forever. Your husband is so lucky to have seen him live!

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