Save Chuck! Send NBC some Nerds!

chuck_ver2Chuck is the only TV show that we watch as a family. We look forward to it every Monday night and even our little Peanut likes to watch it (although she has to cover her eyes on fight scenes).

So NBC has Chuck on the bubble now. So according to the co-creator Josh Schwartz via his New York Times article. He said to send Nerds (the candy) to the NBC studio. Thanks to some other fans.. I have the NBC studio address.

We’re sending our box tomorrow.. with a picture of all 3 of us included (debating on including dog and cat too).


6 thoughts on “Save Chuck! Send NBC some Nerds!

  1. I absolutely LOVE Chuck! It is my favortie TV show! I love spies and all of that!
    Plus, who doesn’t love Chuck, Sarah, and Casey!
    They can’t cancel the show! i know some people who love the show like I do!

    Tell them that they shouldn’t cancel it!
    High five from me!

    Don’t let them cancel it! Save Chuck!

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