Happy 4th Birthday Peanut!

Number 4Happy Birthday my sweet Peanut. Today you’re 4 years old. Mommy feels old now and even more sad because you’re even less of a baby now, and I really loved you as a baby. But as a little girl, you’re wonderful. You’re vibrant, exciting, curious, loving, sensitive, shy, and talkative.

People love you. Kids want to be next to you. Puppies want to kiss you. Kitties run away from you (sorry).

So.. has been my tradition since you were one. Here is your 4th birthday update:

Today, my love, you’re 4:

4 is the number of sunglasses you have.
4 pair of shoes currently fit you
April is the 4th month
I’m now stuck reading 4 books a night to you. Dr. Seuss books are kind of thick. Be easy on Mommy, k?
We have 4 elements – Earth, Water, Air, and Fire. You walk barefoot on Earth, you love to Water our garden, we sat outside today to feel the Air on our face, and Fire inspires movement.. which you do a lot of. Elements are with us all the time. Feel them.
You now have 4 sets of tea party dishware, and you use them all equally.
4 little fairies sit on your book shelf watching you at night. They’re your protectors.
4 is the number of bed sheet sets I have for you. Two pink, one purple, and one yellow.
Without you I would be a cynical, miserable, cat-obsessed woman. With you, I’ve never felt more alive. You’re my everything and I love you so much.

Grandma bought you a birthday card Dec 2007, and she was too sick to give you a card on your birthday last year. I found the card and I’ll keep it for you. I won’t write in it because Grandma’s thoughts and intentions are inside of it, so I won’t disturb it. I’ll keep it safe for you until you get older and then you can have it. She was so proud of you and I am too.

With all my heart,



3 thoughts on “Happy 4th Birthday Peanut!

  1. Happy b-day peanut!!!

    Our little girl is turning 2 soon and I am already sad that her baby features are disappearing :((
    But every age has its wonders, right?

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