A je to? Pat a Mat?

Hubby downloaded the entire episode list of Pat and Mat (originally Czechs called it “…A je to!”). It’s about two handyman who come across problems and have all sorts of ways to correct their issue but end up finding more problems.. until the end, where they reach a suitable resolution.

Peanut is obsessed with it! And so am I. They’re fun to watch and really teaching Peanut trial and error and also to be optimistic no matter what situation she finds herself in. Maybe resourcefulness too? We can only hope, seeing how in America.. they don’t teach kids to think for themselves!

A certain Czech reader of mine (you know who you are!) is getting a copy of Pat a Mat. Hubby made a copy especially for you girl! 🙂


5 thoughts on “A je to? Pat a Mat?

  1. I love it! I totally forgot about those 2 guys!!!!! I have to say, they are dressed pretty hip for today’s style of fashion, don’t you think???

    Thanks you so much for sending me those DVDs again!

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