DuckTales in Czech

My husband and I stumbled upon Volume I of Ducktails and we were overjoyed. Although I was a little older when it came out.. I still loved to watch it with my nephews (who are now 22 and 19. Feel old Carmie?). So we got it, watched it with Peanut and Hubby said his favourite character is Rampa Mek Kvak.

Huh? He’s not a character.

But he is. I give you… Rampa Mek Kvak. Better known as Launchpad McQuack.

So what does Rampa mean? Hubby said nothing. But more than likely the change was made because in Czech the word launchpad translates into startovaci plocha. For extra kicks.. here’s the opening theme song.

2 thoughts on “DuckTales in Czech

  1. Rampa? That means “ramp”! So not quite the launchpad…but I love the sound of it but then I am clearly biased by childhood nostalgia.

    Thanks for the intro songs – it was like a time machine taking me back to the early ’90s.

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