Another round of interestingness

Hubby found this somehow and now none of us can get enough of Shaun the Sheep. According to Disney, they do air episodes but they never list the times.. so I assume they do it in between other shows.
Even when Peanut leaves the TV to play (we encourage it), Hubby and I sometimes stay there and watch it. It’s hilarious!

While Peanut is busy with that and using her imagination to go fishing, Mommy has been watching TED videos. Which their subtitle says “Inspired talks by the world’s greatest thinkers and doers” and they couldn’t be more correct. There’s a range of topics, real insight by people, and just some awesome inspiration that makes me feel like this world isn’t so bad afterall.
I suggest you check it out. No real recommendation on who to watch first, it’s up to you.

Hubby is out to play soccer today with all of his Czech buddies. I want to go and watch them, but maybe I’ll wait until they get better. I like watching Hubby sweat! Yum!


2 thoughts on “Another round of interestingness

  1. I love those sheep! I cannot believe I have never seen this! Shaun the Sheep…so you say that’s on TV? On what channel?
    It is soo cute…

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