The Cure, The Concert

I took Mudd last night to see The Cure (her favourite band ever) and we had a nice time. They played for 3 hours. Yea.. 3 hours. They got off the stage close to 12:30am. I have no voice and my ears are still ringing. But we had a fabulous time. We were close enough for Mudd to see the white of Robert Smith’s eyes (she kept threatening to run on stage and “just touch him”)

A few interesting things of note:
– I saw the absolutely most beautiful girl in the world. She had on a blue and black polka dotted dress (one of those 50s kind) and black curly hair like Marilyn Monroe. I’ve never been taken away by beauty before, but I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her. Is this what they mean by a girl crush?

– One chick danced her heart out all night. She was fascinating to watch.

– I think at all the concerts I’ve been to, I’ve always been such a huge fan that I was engrossed with the band. This time.. I was watching the people and they were much more interesting. Some looked happy, some miserable, some you could tell wanted to “let loose”, and some must’ve been there because they had season tickets..

Very good show. Robert Smith is wonderful, the band was excellent. I’m hungover from all that energy in the building.


One thought on “The Cure, The Concert

  1. Glad you girls had a great time! Some people are just so fascinating to watch – the more beautiful the better. I can’t wait for our other show in a few more months!

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