New member of family

We have a new member of our family. His name is Bobby (guess who named him?) and he’s a beta fish. I don’t know what came over me to actually agree to having one. Maybe because they don’t need a bubbly thing to breathe, and his little home is a simple round tank that I can clean once a week.

My mom was worried that the fishy will get lonely, but I told her that I knew betas were solitary fishies, and not to worry because Peanut’s nose is pressed to the glass every few minutes asking Bobby if he’s ok.

The organ that helps them breathe without a bubbly is called a labyrinth. Wouldn’t be awesome to have an organ called a labyrinth?


5 thoughts on “New member of family

  1. Yes, betta boys are very aggressive to other bettas and when we had a girl and a boy betta we had them in our large 90 litter aquarium and he was the happiest fish on the planet. He had lots of plants and bettas love plants.
    But even if many people have bettas in round tanks, round tanks are the worst thing for any fish. They are not made for fish, but only for plants. And even if Bobby can breathe air it is not good for him, his gills are primary made for extracting air from the water. Every fish should have aerator and a filter in the tank for a happier life.
    By the way, say ahoj to your husband from me and that we, Slovakian, cross our fingers for Czech´s in football (the real football, played with a round ball:-D) championship 🙂

  2. I didn’t know you actually had to clean beta fish tanks. My cousin had one with a plant in it (the tank, not the fish) and I don’t think she ever fed it or cleaned the tank. You couldn’t tell, though. It didn’t look dirty at all…

    Maybe it was a different type of fish?

  3. Hi Sueczech,
    Thanks for the comments you left on my blog! It’s always great to hear back from people who enjoy it! Yes…we do travel outside of Prague, but not so often do to work. But I will definitely be blogging on new places we visit and taking lots of pictures!

    Bettas make wonderful pets! Good luck with Bobby! My daughter, when she was little, had 5 Bettas at one time (in separate tanks)! She is currently in college and has one with her–he is great company for her!

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