Some links of awesomeness

I’m so glad someone has finally done this.. it’s something I thought about doing, but you know how those million dollar ideas are. Someone else takes them from you.
Artist Yeondoo Jung has created photography out of children’s drawn pictures. Damnit.

The Internet Big Bang is an attempt at a world record to get the most people on a website at one time. The date is set for June 20, 2008.

I’m seriously starting to dig the Steampunk genre of fashion. I’m excited to see them this year at Dragon Con!

Target: Women… Yogurt Edition. What this chick says is beyond true, and I love her style. Yogurt is woman’s food and all the companies know it.

Play with the sky is a series of photos of things you typically did while looking up into the sky. Now someone has captured what you’ve done all these years.

One thought on “Some links of awesomeness

  1. Steampunk… cool, it has a name! And I like the name. I wanna get steampunked!

    The yogurt video was too funny! And I love the play the with sky photos! Cool!

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