Daddy will fix it

Whenever something is broke, Peanut says “Daddy will fix it” and he usually does.

This week Daddy has fixed:
– ONDemand so she can watch Pingu (he didn’t fix it.. he was just lucky that it repaired itself)
– The chip of paint on the wall
– The boo-boo on her toe that Mommy would not put a band-aid on (it would hurt worse taking it off, but she doesn’t believe me)
– The gem that fell off of her princess shoe
– A breadstick
– A princess plate that cracked because she sat on it
– A hairbow that unraveled
– Lucious’ eye (He’s our new cat. He’s an outside Tom cat and he leaves for a few days here and there and this time came back with one eye closed, but he’s ok. Two eyes are fully open now)

It’s not that Mommy can’t fix things.. because I can and I do, but Peanut feels Daddy is more skilled at Mommy for fixing things. Or when Mommy says no, she asks Daddy naturally.

At 16yrs old, when her heart breaks because of some boy.. Daddy will fix it.

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