Happy 3rd Birthday Peanut!

Happy 3rd Birthday Peanut! Today you’re three! What is the number three?

Three is the number in our little family. You, Daddy, and me.
Three is the number of big girl cups you have.
Three is the number of cats we used to have before you were born.. now we just have Louka, but that’s ok. There’s no hard feelings. They were bitches.
Three is the number of Cabbage Patch Kids you have (but one of them is mine.. I’m just letting you borrow it)
Three is a magical number.. did you know that?
At three am this morning.. you started to talk in your sleep. It was cute.
You ate three Max and Ruby candies today.. it’s because of your birthday. Don’t get used to it.
Three years ago at this very moment (10:30pm) I was waiting for a turkey sandwich because I couldn’t eat all day because I was in labor.. I had you and I wanted a turkey sandwich with you by my side. You’ve changed our lives so much, we love you so much, and Mommy still wants a turkey sandwich.

I love you baby.


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