The mini myths we share

Our Peanut will be 3 soon, and she’s talking more than ever. She hasn’t started asking “Why?” but she does ask a lot of “What’s that” or just asking things in general, or sharing insights. Whatever question she does ask me I do tell her with total honesty.  I don’t want her to distrust me, but I do want to expand her imagination (although I’m not sure it really needs it..)

Which leads me to Lies I’ve told my three year old. The Mefi post that goes along with it, and an older Mefi post entitled crazy childhood beliefs.

Peanut told me one day, “Mommy, the books talk to me.” and I told her, “They talk to me too.” I wasn’t lying.

One thought on “The mini myths we share

  1. She doesn’t need help with her imagination, but I’m sure it’s fun to see her reaction! I swear my dad told me little tales like that for his own amusement. 😛

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