Children’s programming that won’t make you gag – Part Tři

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Peanut is getting older and her TV shows are changing.. luckily I found some shows that aren’t nauseating.

Little Bear – A very simple program based off the books of the same name. It’s about Little Bear and his friends cat, owl, hen, duck, and Emily. They have very simple, non-threatening adventures, and really encourages imagination. Peanut and I watch this while snuggling on the couch. We’re so cute!
Max & Ruby – Another program on Noggin based off a series of books. Max can be annoying sometimes with his persistence and all you want Ruby to do is smack her little brother upside his head and tell him to STFU. But the animation is cute, and I like how all the toys, house, and items are always the same. You recognize them from show to show.
Yo Gabba Gabba – A recent program made by a bunch of 30yr olds who must’ve recently had kids, because the entire program is reminiscent of the 80s. DJ Lance Rock (in the sky) has his Gabba Gabba buddies and they have different subjects such as Fun, Happy, Trains, Move, Dance, etc. They have special guest stars such as Leslie (LOVE her!) to do Dancey-dance and The Shins performing the Super Friends Music Show. By the way.. recognize the guy who does the drawing? That’s Mark Mothersbaugh… from Devo.
The program is really refreshing with their concept, clips, animation, and especially music. The music is catchy, singable, and won’t make you feel silly for singing with your kid.


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