TV Shows You May Not Be Watching

I think I did this type of post before? Anyways.. lately, I’ve found some really cool TV shows that it seems I’m the only one watching, so I thought I’d spread the word.

Real Simple on PBS – I still have the 1st edition copy of this magazine and after all this time I still love their publication. They came out with their own 30 minute program on PBS about 2 years ago (maybe 3) and I’m just now watching it. They have about 3-4 areas on there. Food, organizing, tips, and then charities. It usually airs on Saturday.

Pleasure for Sale on Sundance – I love hookers (oh dog, I’ll appear on Google for that now), and this 6-part documentary is about a brothel in the Nevada.. where, of course, it’s legal. It’s pretty much a toned down Cat House (that was on Showtime), but there’s still some boob action on there, but mainly it’s about the girls, their relationships, and their johns. It’s only a 30 minute show, but it’s worthwhile.

Quick Fix Meals with Robin Miller on FoodTV- Sooo much better than 30-minute meals with Rachel Ray.  I as a big advocate for Rachel Ray.. now the woman is on my nerves. But this is about Robin, not Rachel. Robin does food prep during the weekend, and from one or two small preps she can make a week’s worth of meals. Her food is healthy, very practical (no need to get organic figs from the rainforest of Peru), and she doesn’t match her studio set like Sandra Lee (WTF it up with that? I HATE that. Love her show and cooking, but can’t stand the whole colour scheme). Oh and it’s easy to cook stuff too.

So you see.. I watch some typical housewife stuff and then I throw in a little soft porn. All in a days work! 🙂


One thought on “TV Shows You May Not Be Watching

  1. I was a subscriber to Real Simple at one time. I need to check out the show!

    My blog changed names and moved, btw: 🙂

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