Opening the borders


I drove (yes, me) to Poland a few days after getting into Czech, and of course we had to stop at the border in order for them to check my passport and Czech IDs for the other people in the car. It was so cute to see the Czech patrolman exit, and then the Polish guy exit.. and them discussing me entering the country. Then they said how my stamp will be historical because they’re opening the borders the next day.

It was so cute how they went on and on about the historical nature of it, which I didn’t really catch on until a few days later when I saw a documentary about some Czech history and realized how much they’ve been occupied over the years. That’s when I saw the significance of it all. Finally… after all these years.. you can come and go as you please between the European Union. No more questions of “What is your purpose here?”, “Who did you see?”, no more interrogations or worry that they’ll bust for you doing nothing. What freedom we’ve had for so many years.. that they are just now experiencing.

So on 12/21/07.. the borders were opened, fireworks across the nations shot off, and babies around Europe woke up crying. Ours including.

Here’s to freedom and open borders. Na zdraví!


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