We have returned!

golden-pig_m.jpgWe’re back from Czech and we had a wonderful time! There were some hair-raising experiences which I will share over the course of time.. but overall, it’s a beautiful country and culture and I’m glad everything turned out well.

Hubby explained to me that on Christmas Eve, you have to fast the entire day or else you don’t see “the golden pig” and you won’t have any good luck. So, when in Rome… I fasted, Hubby didn’t. I told him that he won’t see the golden pig!

“I’m almost 30 years old; I fasted every Christmas Eve and I never saw the fucker.”



2 thoughts on “We have returned!

  1. It supposed to be a great hallucination. Sadly, I have never experienced it either.

    Now I think it’s just a cheap trick to make kids hungry so they eat at least some of the dinner.

    How is your Czech coming along?

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