My former words..


Many, many moons ago.. I was the proud owner of a pretty popular Goth site. I brought it down once I became pregnant because I felt it just wasn’t me anymore. I’m about to have a baby and here I am playing with dolls wrapped in electrical tape and spray-painted hair (don’t ask.. but I do have pics for the curious).  So I never renewed my domain, and slowly the website drifted off into Internet oblivion.

Now a friend of mine (who met me through the site) has asked for the entire website on disk. He wants me to burn every component I had on it. So I have.. and I’m mailing it to him soon. But I wanted to give a little glance into my “former life”. You know what? I used to be kind of cool 🙂

Over the next few days I’ll post some things from my old blog.. this will help my writers block for the final days of NaBloMo


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