Another Iconoclast

congosquarelouisiana800.gifThis episode was Wynton Marsalis + John Besh. I have to admit there were times that Marsalis was looking a little exasperated.. I don’t know if it was from Besh or the entire situation (not comfortable in front of the camera maybe?), but still it was an enlightening episode. Especially about New Orleans.

Marsalis has an album out called Congo Square, which was a gathering place in New Orleans where slaves would meet on their day off. It was the only place they were allowed to drum, dance, sing, and set up market in the street. Under French rule, slaves had a little more freedom than their near-by southern neighbours. However.. eventually it came to an end by the late 19th century.

This was never in my US History class or even during Black History Month. What are we NOT teaching our kids? This is interesting stuff they should know.


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