The day after..

Our Thanksgiving was uneventful (which is nice) and luckily none of our family participates at Black Friday so none of us are being dragged around for that.

Grandma is watching Peanut, so I get to have some alone time on the computer and poke around while. Peanut is being especially spoiled and I have no doubt that this just solidifies her belief that she’s a princess.

Slanket – a blanket that you can wear and keep your hands free. If I had one I think I would walk around the house chanting like I was a Benedictine monk.
Write Something – an endless and senseless book that you contribute to
Just for Carmen – The Wii Light Sword
Wowio – Free ebooks.. did I post this already? Fiction, nonfiction, textbooks, comics.. just about anything..


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