Mike Myers + Deepak Chopra on Iconoclasts

I asked Carmen one time if she had seen Iconoclasts on the Sundance Channel and she said “Yea! That’s funny! Oh wait.. that was the parody of it on Saturday Night Live” (You gotta love her!)

If you ever get to catch an episode of Iconoclasts.. either on ITunes or on TV, you have got to see the episode featuring Mike Myers and Deepak Chopra. I adore both of these people. I had no idea how philosophical and spiritual Mike Myers really is. It’s more than just watching these two talk and share their stories, they provide some pretty moving ideas.


3 thoughts on “Mike Myers + Deepak Chopra on Iconoclasts

  1. I still love SNL too. 🙂 Although with some of the hosts I say, “Who dat?”
    And I do watch Iconoclasts everytime it comes on. I love it. Although this season is a bit different because Alicia Keys and Ruby Dee didn’t know one another. They just threw them together, and with the others they’re friends from before. That was the only episode I stopped watching. I love Dee and Keys, but not together.

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