Annie Lennox in Atlanta

Last night I went to the Annie Lennox concert and she was absolutely fantastic. She’s everything I thought she would be.. except she didn’t wear bold costumes, but I guess age does that type of thing.

We (my friend Kristen and I) got there nice and early. And while all those aging hipsters were hitting it up at the ridiculously long lines at the multiple bars in Cobb Centre, we were in our seats chatting and watching people. 2 ladies came in.. one was in a wheelchair and the other was pushing her. The lady in the wheelchair told the usher (very loudly) that she’s going to see Annie, where’s Annie?, she loves Annie, etc.. The woman was obviously mentally handicapped.

So a little while later Carina Round (the opening act) came on stage, and at her second song.. you heard that same woman yell “Where’s Annie?” Carina stopped playing, stared at the woman, and didn’t move. The crowd began to boo at that woman. Kristen started to cry (she’s 3 months pregnant and quite hormonal). The crowd yelled for more from Carina, so she began playing again. Then she talked about how it takes a lot of balls to play before Annie, how she’s going to play all fucking night, and some other stuff I zoned out. People whooped and hollered, gave her a standing ovation, and she played a few more songs. I hope Carina found out what was wrong with that woman.. and it wasn’t her fault. I also hope she learns a lesson on how to handle a heckler. Stop talking about it and just play!


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