I was watching Comcast’s On Demand thing and saw that NBC has full pilots for their Fall Preview. I saw Journeyman listed and it looked interesting enough, plus for the next hour or so I wasn’t going anywhere because I was trying to put Peanut down for her nap.

It was slow at first.. but wow! It had some twists in there I didn’t see coming! To me, it’s Quantum Leap meets Early Edition. It has a Sci-Fi, modern storyline quality to it. It seems that each episode will provide closure, but open up just a tiny piece of a puzzle.. which works for me (unlike Lost which leaves me fucking lost). The lead actor (Kevin McKidd) is amazing.. he’s tough but really tender looking. I was just blown away by the show! I’m SO looking forward to it.

Speaking of Quantum Leap.. did you know they have a convention for it coming up in 2009?! It’s in Los Angeles though. Too far for me :/


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