History has never been sexier

I’m a big fan of Digging for the Truth on the History Channel. It was only a matter of pure coincidence that I thought the host was sexier than pie. At the time Josh Bernstein was the host, however.. he’s now onto bigger, better things, namely producing Discovery Networks programming.


So in walks Hunter Ellis.. you may recognize him from Survivor: Marquesas Island (I had no idea). He was a Navy fighter pilot and absolutely hot, hot, hot! History is so much better with a little eye candy! Welcome to my dreams Hunter.. prepare to be licked.



2 thoughts on “History has never been sexier

  1. Wow, what show is this???? *writing this down for a night that hubby is in class*

    That Josh dude needs to get back in front of the camera some more. Wowy wow wow.

  2. I’m beginning to like Hunter much more than Josh. Josh is tall, dark, and handsome.. but Hunter is a fighter pilot! I mean.. how can you NOT look at him and hear the Top Gun soundtrack in the back of your mind?

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