Victoria Beckham and Google

Wow.. the critics hated her tv show. However, the people that I spoke with that saw it.. loved it and her. I know I did. Yea.. it was a bit quirky but that’s what made it so enjoyable. To me she’s a class act. She wears her knickers, always dresses fabulous, and she knows to hire a personal assistant that’s not attractive. I’m her new fan. =) And by the way.. kudos to her for quitting the show for her family. She knows her priorities!

On a flip note.. what the hell is up with Google? I was doing searches yesterday and today (including one for the TV show’s official website) and I couldn’t find it on Google? All they pulled up on the main search page was newspaper articles. Nothing relevant whatsoever. I am so sick of going on Google and not finding what I want. However, I like their tools. Bastards.

Now if you excuse me.. I have to go buy a pair of high heels and Chanel sunglasses.

2 thoughts on “Victoria Beckham and Google

  1. I had no opinion on Victoria Beckham until I saw her show.

    LOVE HER now!

    She cracks me up. I love her tongue in cheek humor. I love the fact that she doesn’t take herself as seriously as everyone else seems to think she does.

    She’s major!


  2. I’ve heard from several ppl that she is not the princess-y, stuck-up type of girl she seems to be. Maybe I”ll have to watch some of the show!

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