Toddler safe Disney movies

disney-logo-color.jpgPeanut is only 2 years old, so there’s no way in this world I’d let her watch anything that could cause nightmares.. which pretty much exclude most Disney movies. They show parental death, scary villains, and content that I know she wouldn’t understand. So what is there to watch of the Disney franchise?  Plenty.

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh – The original 1977 Winnie the Pooh.. before he was CGI-ized and turned into a sleuth (WTF?). She adores this Pooh more than the 2007 version. It has memorable songs and lovable characters. Also along this same lines is New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh TV series.

Sword in the Stone – No scary bad guys, cute songs to sing along to, and a lot of action to hold a toddler’s attention.

Robin Hood – No parental death here! Just a lot of silly action, Prince John holding his ear and suckling his thumb. The one gets a lot of Peanut giggles and her humming along to the music.

Mickey’s Christmas Carol – Who’s to say you can’t watch Christmas movies year round?

Make Mine Music – I know she doesn’t understand a single story or animation on this video, however it’s introducing her to the many different song styles. Opera, jazz, folk, and classical. Some of the animation is captivating and very active, but some of them (like the operatic whale) is a bit depressing. We don’t watch this too often, but I’ll put it in to have a break from other videos.

Cinderella – This one is quite toddler safe. The mice are cute, the songs are short, and there’s plenty to hold Peanut’s attention. Her favourite scene is Cinderella singing while there’s bubbles around her. “Princess! Bubbles!” it takes so little to make her happy. Although the step-mother is evil and has menacing eyes.. it doesn’t seem to be very frightening.

I have more DVDs coming in, including Song of the South, the Three Caballeros, and another Disney song one.. so I’ll update this post accordingly.

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