What do you value the most?

I always dreaded the question.. “If you were on a deserted island and could only take 3 things with you.. who would you eat first?” or something like that. It doesn’t have the weight of the actual question, which is “What do you value the most?”

I was reading a book the other day and it’s based in 18th century America and the people in my book have to move around quite a bit, but these people are able to put all their valuables in one box. I could do that, could you? After a flood destroyed my home in 1995 I learned what has value to me and the rest is just a bonus.

You can take this and answer the question on your blog if you’d like.. I’m interested in reading other people’s answers.. so let me know its there, eh?

If you had to immigrate today and could only take one trunk with you. What would you put in that trunk? Please keep in mind, this is a list to find what you value in life.. not what you’d do when you’re bored on a long trip.

1) My daughter’s baby book and photo album.
2) My red and white dress.. it’s such a pretty, classic dress and makes me happy when I wear it.
3) A few pictures my husband drew of me and Peanut
4) A few books that mean the world to me.. Good Omens, some of my Sandman collection, Outlander, and Ancient Lights.
5) My mother’s old jewelry
6) A blanket I had when I was a baby that I passed down to Peanut
7) A newsboy cap that Hubby bought me one Christmas although he hates hats
8.) A Sing-a-Long song tape collection my dad brought home for me one day when I was a little kid. I played those tapes and read those books so often that I wore off the print on some of them.
9) My brother’s pillow that needs to be re-stuffed and mended… but I still love it.
10) Various pictures of friends and family (without frames, to save space)


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