My empty house

I filled in for my friend who is currently honeymooning in Mexico, by taking over her job at the office (and watching her dog). It’s been about 2 weeks and I’ve had a really good time. It feels good to have responsibility that doesn’t include changing diapers, playing tea party, or cleaning spilled milk on the floor.

My mom and nephew came to visit to help watch Peanut while I was working.. due to the fact I couldn’t find a daycare provider that would watch her for 2 weeks or a facility worth a shit. I couldn’t believe half the places I saw! How could parents leave their kids in dirty, crowded facilities? On top of that.. hubby was home because he had no house. So we’ve had a full house the past 2 weeks.

Today, my mom and nephew are back home.. hubby is at work.. the dog has been returned and it’s just me and Peanut. The house feels so lonely that I can almost hear it sighing. Or maybe that’s just me.


2 thoughts on “My empty house

  1. I was just thinking about that the other day.

    I went back to work when Evan was 4 mos old. I picked the first daycare I found. They had 8 kids (with Evan). It was in the lady’s home. Most of the day the other kids were at school so there were only 2 kids there ALL day. To 2 workers.

    She was awesome. I quit working when Evan was 2. Sometimes he didn’t even want to come home with me, LOL.

    I was very lucky.

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