wet_paint.jpgYou know.. I’ve been churning something over in my head all day today and I just don’t get it. Why does Ralph Lauren have their own paint out? And why do they keep showing commercials for all this expensive paint. I mean.. either you have glossy, flat, or matte and there’s no new real colours. Maybe new textures, but all the colours have been discovered (unlike perfumes, right?)

So why would I pay $40/gallon for Ralph Lauren when I can get $15/gallon for cheapo Home Depot stuff? Paints paint.. they all look the same on the wall.. you never hear “OMG! That’s Ralph Lauren paint! I’d recognize that anywhere!”

Meh. It was a slow day today..

3 thoughts on “Paint

  1. The “Czech” in your blog caught my eye….. I’m from Texas and my grandparents immigrated from Moravia (now part of Czech Republic). I grew up dancing polka’s, drinking pevo, eating kolaches, So, Yak se mas?

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