I just got contacted by someone I haven’t spoken to in years.. (maybe like 8?) and I was so shocked and pleased to hear from her. We have been friends since 1st grade.. but she left right before we graduated from high school.

So my WTF moment came following 12 back and forth emails from her.. and not one of them has she asked how I was, what I was doing or anything. I even tried to do a lead-in with “Oh wow! I have a daughter too!” I even tried to mention a few little things..wondering if I was just being silly. But no, she still hasnt asked anything about me. Is this the curse of myspace? You only want to find people to tell them how you are?

What the hell? I know she contacted Carmen too.. so I’m waiting to see my comments if she did the same thing to her.


One thought on “WTF?!

  1. Yep, she contacted me too. I keep meaning to call you and ask you if you heard from her too. It was so trippy to hear from her!!!

    And yes, it does seem that myspace is that way. Everyone wants to tell you how great their life is going. People that don’t answer me back enough are either a) too busy, or b) not doing well enough to brag about anything. LOL

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