A line of bull

bullshit_2dnegation_in_2dcolor_small_2dsign.gifI’ve had to cancel many accounts in my life and it’s got to be one of things I loathe the most. I’m talking to someone who is trying to save my account and will say just about anything for me not to cancel. On the good side, I have the bestest friend in the whole wide world for 10 minutes. So I found the easiest thing to do is not to be honest, but feed them the biggest line of bull I can muster.

I canceled AOL about 10 years ago.. and of course they’re notorious for being the worst to cancel with. So I told them I was moving to Africa to study the migration of the elephant. They couldn’t argue with that, although he tried. He almost got me once when he mentioned they could just hold my account til I returned. I told him that I’ll be gone for 2 years.. migration takes a long time when they’re extremely large animals. They don’t move fast.

Today I had to cancel my mom’s Netzero account. I said that we’re moving to Czech and they have no local numbers out there to connect to. The lady couldn’t argue with that and the account is now canceled. I just get all squiggly when I have to make those calls. I don’t negotiate price at a yard sale either. Maybe I just have a problem with confrontation? I choose avoidance everytime, or just plain bullshit. Heh.


3 thoughts on “A line of bull

  1. When it comes to closing accounts, you have to do whatever it takes. Lying, in this instance, is acceptable, so long as you don’t believe the lie yourself.

    By the way, I didn’t know elephants migrated. Don’t they pretty much stay within a five mile radius of where they are born their entire lives? ;>)

  2. Tom is no help! LOL

    Nice stories. I will need to start using versions of those for myself! They attack when you say “I just don’t need the account anymore.”

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