My guilty pleasure

victoria-beckham-confident-in-spice-girls-reunion-2.jpgI like the Spice Girls. Yes.. I know.. I buy into all that girl power, positivity, blah blah bullshit stuff. But I just eat it up. I don’t know why, because some of my favourite artists are people like Annie Lennox, Juliana Hatfield, Portishead, Switchblade Symphony, and then in my CD collection you’ll find a little mix CD written “Spice Girls” in tiny letters.

So I read somewhere that they might be reuniting, which tickles me to no end.Ā  However reading elsewhere, Mel C doesn’t want to reunite because of her solo success. Have you heard any of her solo stuff? No, of course you haven’t… šŸ™‚ Well it’s actually really good. You can check out her myspace page, and while you’re at it.. have a go at the other girl’s myspace page. I find it hilarious that Mel C is the only page not littered with spam comments. I have Emma’s Free Me CD, which is really good. It’s a nice chillout CD and it eases my need to hear that British sound. Geri.. err, don’t listen too much of her, but I’ll get the CD.. eventually.
Of course you know Victoria.. friggin everyone knows that Oompa Loompa (by the way.. nice nips). What the hell happened to her and what mirror does she look into before she leaves? She’s too thin, bony, orange, and blonde. And Mel B is currently working on a paternity suit with Eddie Murphy. Fun times..


3 thoughts on “My guilty pleasure

  1. I am laughing at you, but you can laugh at me when I listen to some of my cheesy stuff. ;P I didn’t know Mel C had such success! I knew about Emma’s stuff though – I like her voice a lot.

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