A breath of fresh air.. almost..

I never lost those last pesky 10lbs of baby weight, so I’m hell bent on doing it before we return to Czech. I can’t be the stereotypical American visiting. I told my husband we have to be “the hot couple” which is a term I stole from a friend of mine. Last year we weren’t, this year.. we will be.

So I joined a gym. It’s a locally owned gym and it’s women members only. I wasn’t too impressed with it on the outside or the inside, but I met some instructors and none of them had those strange thong bodysuits and they didn’t have their nose in the air. Then I heard the music they played through the facility… hip hop! YAY! If there was one thing that drove me nuts at Gold’s Gym was their rock songs for overdosed testosterone guys.. if I heard Van Halen’s “Higher” one more time I was going to cancel my membership regardless of fees.


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