baby111.jpgSeeing this post that Angelika wrote made me think of a debate we had in this house not too long ago. What will Peanut call her parts? We settled on boobies because she wanted to know what mine were called. Breasts seemed.. not natural. Boobies came out pretty easy and she’s ok with the word. But what do we call that? The terms are endless! You know what they are.. no need to list them all here to be Googled. Heh.
My neighbour called it a “cookie”.. her daughter is 25 today and still calls it a cookie! WTF? (She calls breasts beep-beeps. I swear!) I didn’t want a cutesy term, but didn’t want anything technical either. My husband only knew the technical terms and vulgar ones, nothing that moms use for their babies. So I pleaded to my mother-in-law to tell me what the term is in Czech and she (only having boys) polled her office full of women (who love to drink, let me tell ya) and they all said “pipinka”.

So that’s what we named it. Peanut likes it, everyone who hears the word likes it and doesn’t giggle, and all is well. Care to share your terms? Feel free to asterisk if you need to. (by the way.. the baby in the picture isn’t Peanut)

3 thoughts on “Terms

  1. Cute baby, whoever it is.

    I like Pipinka too. 🙂

    I told Evan penis because these southern boys here say goober (which is something you eat at the movie theater so EWWWWW) and willie. Plus I felt he REALLY needed to know the proper terms. It’s a pet peeve of mine. Especially living in the south where every single thing is called by something else.

    I hate that.

  2. Oh you’re right.. the south is terrible about the terms they use! I heard goober and willie before.. and also tallywhacker? and “snake”. Ugh. My mom taught my nephews the correct word as well, she hates silly words.

  3. We jokingly call Bella’s privates her “nanny.” (Bella is my female dog, for those that don’t know.) I guess we’ll have to stop using that word when we have kids. I definitely don’t want them saying that one!

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