A wonderful voice..

We watch a lot of PBS. I love archeology, science, and geeky programs.. and I’ve been noticing the same narrator over and over. So I thought I would find out who the guy is.. and guess who he is? Liev Schreiber! He played Michael Keppler for a little on CSI and played in other movies like Manchurian Candidate and the Omen.
He’s narrator for PBS’s Nova, American Experience, and Secrets of the Dead. His voice is yummy. *smile*

That brings me to another point.. turtlenecks on guys. My friend Elizabeth hates them, she said no matter what guy wears them.. they automatically look gay. I beg to differ. I think they look sexy on guys. Who’s right?


3 thoughts on “A wonderful voice..

  1. Hugh Laurie looks sexy in a turtleneck.

    And I’m not biased at all, LOL.

    Seriously, I never thought about that….

    Samuel L. Jackson would not look gay in a turtleneck & leather assless chaps…

    She’s wrong.

  2. I’m right. I don’t wear turtlenecks, and no self-respecting, somewhat insane, goofy-looking, bald-headed, doesn’t-shave-for-five-days, blue-jean-sweatshirt-wearing man will. For all the rest, they’re okay. ;>)>

  3. Depends on the man. My hubby could get away with it and not look gay, but then again he could dress up like a princess fairy and still not look gay… well, maybe then he would.

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