Doing my part..

recycle.jpgPeanut’s Aunties gave her the Curious George soundtrack for her 1st bday and she just loves it. Jack Johnson sings this one song called “The 3 R’s” which is reduce, reuse, recycle. Up until now I kind of hum along with the song and sing funny to make Peanut laugh, but up until a week ago I finally practiced what I mumbled.

I’ve done the bare minimal for a while but now I stepped up a notch. We’ve finally began recycling, I bought these nifty bags from Kroger, we’re buying a rain barrel so we can use that water for our lawn and Peanut sprinkler fun, and I signed up for using green power at our local EMC (but I’m on a waiting list). Ideal Bite is a good website to help you get started, they have pretty simple tips.


One thought on “Doing my part..

  1. That’s so awesome! I need to better green stuff at home. We started last year by buying all compact fluorescent light bulbs for 99% of the house.

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