Fun links

Anything that I write today will end up being sarcastic, moody, and/or whiney. So when I’m in this mode.. I’d rather just post fun links.

Techno Tuesday
– A very funny comic strip about the technologies of today
Aaron’s Rain Barrels – We can’t water our lawn here and we really would like Peanut to play in a sprinkler, so our best solution is to collect rainwater and use that.
Snap! – Use your webcam to create your own photobooth. Carmen is going to go crazy for this one 🙂
Best Free and Open Source Software for MAC and Windows
The Wonders of Vinegar – The only cleaner you’ll ever need

oh, and Happy Beltane!


One thought on “Fun links

  1. Hahhahahh! This one is good!

    Oh I love the free software! Snap would be cool if I was on a PC, but Macs already come with a Photobooth program. 🙂 See?

    I started using vinegar as a cleaner more often because of the doggies. Bella licks everything, as you know, and they both sniff everything too. They start sneezing and snorting when I use toxic stuff. Not good!

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